10 Practical Money Saving Tips for #FinancialGoals

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Saving money the right way is one of the best life skills anyone can learn. Truthfully, all positive or negative situations should never leave wise financial planners complacent about their situation. If you know how to save money on different occasions and situations, you will always have enough for emergencies and have access to a … Read more

5 Tips On Starting An Emergency Fund

Urgent Cash Loan

Emergencies are the inevitable, unplanned events that throw off both your plans, health condition, and finances. To make things worse, an emergency situation can be extremely expensive. Truthfully, even if you begin creating your own emergency funds Singapore, it cannot handle major financial situations. However, it’s great to have the money you can use within … Read more

10 Tips on Planning a Budget Wedding in Singapore


It’s one of the most special dates in any couple’s lives: their union before friends and family. Unfortunately, it can (and most likely will) be one of the most expensive personal ventures two individuals will embark in their entire lives — especially if they plan to have such a wedding in Singapore.

According to Value Champion SG, Singapore weddings can cost from S $30,000- S $100,000. Often, the wedding banquet, bridal package, and honeymoon take the most significant chunk of the expense pie. In their table, below, you can see which items actually take up the most wedding cake.

Wedding Costs Lower Median Upper
Bridal Package S $3,000 S $4,500 S $6,000
Wedding Bands S $2,000 S $4,000 S $6,000
Dowry S $500 S $2,750 S $5,000
Solemnization S $1,000 S $3,000 S $5,000
Wedding Banquet S $18,000 S $29,000 S $40,200
Wedding Photography S $2,500 S $3,250 S $4,000
Miscellaneous Costs S $1,000 S $1,500 S $2,000
Honeymoon S $5,000 S $6,500 S $8,000
Subsidies (Red Packets)  -S $10,800 -S $ 17,400 -S $24,100
Total S $22,200 S $37,100 S $52,800

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Your Quick Guide to FAQs of Money Lending in Singapore

Lending Money

Before you borrow from a money lender, it is important to consider various factors to avoid getting into trouble with unlicensed moneylenders and know what you are expected to do. Most people in Singapore take loans without proper knowledge of the fundamentals and consequences that may come after.  This article is meant to answer the … Read more

Ultimate Guide: Best Money Changer Singapore (2021)

Men at Money Changer

After an unforgettable trip somewhere far away, it is common to feel “post-vacation blues” and neglect to exchange the stack of Euro cash sitting in your wallet. If you’re planning on converting your money to the local currency and you want to earn a little more than what you can get from other money changers, … Read more

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