5 Must-Try Food Spots While in Seletar


Seletar may not be as loud and as active as any other areas in Singapore, as it’s one of those places found in the middle of nowhere. But, it definitely offers a variety of food gems many of you may not be aware of. To know and experience Seletar food, we have listed down different … Read more

5 Best Cafes In Clementi Where You Can Hang Out

Mac N Cheese

As one of the developing commercial residential spaces here in Singapore, Clementi has become an ideal area for most businesses. This includes a variety of establishments from parks, local shops, malls, and restaurants. And while most malls provide a variety of food stalls, it cannot guarantee the capacity for each person. So, if you’re coming … Read more

Top Hidden Restaurants Near Jurong Point

Nasi Lemak

Jurong Point is surely a place where most people flock together for shopping. Over the years, it has developed and flourished ensuring to accommodate all markets with its numerous stalls. It’s certain you could never get away from the area after a tiring day without treating yourself a meal. To help you out, we have … Read more

Top 5 Cafes in Jurong East You Should Try

Guy Making Cappuccino

Jurong East has undoubtedly flourished into a chill spot in Singapore. For most residents in the area, shopping, entertainment and other activities became much easier to experience as lifestyle establishments and malls took over. Of course, exploring the place wouldn’t be complete without finding out what to eat at Jurong East. So, we have noted … Read more

5 Best Hawker Food in Jurong West

Nasi Lemak On Banana Leaf

Singapore’s Jurong West is popular for the best Hawker food finds in the area. While this is the neighborhood’s highlight and asset, it will be disappointing not to experience the foodie hype! We have listed down the stores you can choose to help you decide where to eat in Jurong West and enjoy the best … Read more

Bedok Food Guide: 5 Places You Must Try

Chicken wings on plate

Other than being dubbed as the busiest city in the world, Singapore also has a lot to offer in the food industry. It’s evident from the variety of cuisines most restaurants here offer to the public. Located in the East, Bedok could be one of the most underrated dining areas in the country. To prove … Read more

5 Affordable Food in Tampines To Satisfy Your Taste Buds

Bowl of Penang Cendol

Tampines surely are the ideal place for relaxation and tranquility. However, it isn’t only the serene ambiance that most locals and tourists flock to. Little did they know, the East is more than just the timber tree-abundant district, as it has embraced crowds from everywhere to its unique destinations and shopping malls. Moreover, it offers … Read more

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