Shop and Eat Alone on a Weekend: 5 Things To Do in Sengkang

sengkang things to do girls choosing clothe

Situated in the northeast of Singapore, Sengkang is another vibrant town that allows its residents and visitors to reconnect with nature: with its vast greenery and beautiful view of the river, you’ll feel refreshed just by looking at it.  Stroll, jog, or cycle through riverbanks path and green spaces. But for the days when you … Read more

Enjoy Fried Noodles and More: 5 Things to Do in Serangoon

things to do in serangoon fluffy bread

Serangoon region, which consists of seven subzones, is slightly more laid-back than the business district. Some remember it as a “sleepy” village, but many appreciate its peaceful vibe. If you’re a foodie, you’ll certainly love the gastronomic adventure at Chomp Chomp Food Centre. Here are five things you can do alone or with your loved … Read more

Go On A Date: 5 Things to Do in Sembawang On A Weekend

things to do in sembawang couples with a dog running

The only town in Singapore that was named after a tree, Sembawang is a great place to live if you want to take a step closer to nature. Another thing that makes Sembawang famous for those who are planning to buy a house or a unit is its below-average crime rate.  Also, if you love … Read more

Take Time to Reward Yourself: 5 Things to Do in Redhill

things to do in redhill facial treatment

Once a humble Malay kampung (village), Redhill or Bukit Merah got its name from its hilly red-orange soil that appears to be ‘bloodsoaked”.  Today, there are around 150,000 residents residing in the area that find it convenient to have establishments like Tiong Bahru Plaza that offer good food and entertainment for days to spend some … Read more

5 Cool Things To Do Near Tanglin on Your Next Travel

things to do in tanglin National Orchid Garden

Located within Singapore’s Central Region, Tanglin is a district whose history is as beautiful as its gems. Experts believe that this former British army camp got its unique name from William Napier (Singapore’s first lawyer)’s house, Tang Leng, which was constructed in the 1800s. Tang Leng is derived from Chinese. It means ‘great hill peaks,’ … Read more

Things to do in Yio Chu Kang to Get You Exploring Like a Pro

things to do in yio chu kang boy swimming

Yio Chu Kang appears to be a hub for schools and private estates alone from a distance. However, there’s more to it than you think up close. It’s located in the North-Eastern part of Singapore. The once riverside kampong’s name came from early Chinese settlers. Translated, it means (Yio/Yeo) family owns the house (chu) located … Read more

5 Fun Things to do in Tiong Bahru for an Unforgettable Tour

things to do in tiong bahru kids reading

Tiong Bahru has come a long way. It has evolved from an area with burial grounds to one of the most thriving communities in Singapore. Its name is a combination of Malay and Hokkien, meaning ‘new cemetery.’ Its development began in the 1920s when the Singapore Improvement Trust gave it a revamp. There’s been no … Read more

Nature Walks and More: 5 Simple Things to Do at Punggol 

punggol things to do man riding bike

Far from how it was in the early days when rustic farmhouses and plantations dotted the area, Punggol has turned into a different place in terms of housing, landscape, and now has several establishments. But with all the changes, the refreshing vibe coming from the massive lush greens and the reservoir stayed the same. When … Read more

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