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The Dedication and the Corporate Values of A1 Credit
Why choose A1?

Established in 2009, A1 Credit provides loans to individuals and businesses. A1 Credit is licensed and regulated by the Ministry of Law and is fully compliant to the Moneylender’s Act.

We aim to deliver financial products to help you gain financial control.

Our focus is on optimizing our plans to offer better short-term loans for the cash-strapped. We aim to be at the forefront of moneylending services, by practicing responsible lending that puts our clients in a better position than before. We do this by strengthening our lending criteria, having a strict protocol for assessing individual portfolio risk and monthly training programs for our loan specialists to achieve expertise in catering to the differing needs of each client.

Your trust is our most important asset.

Recognized by: 

A1 Credit: Licensed Money Lender Singapore (Chinatown)


We believe in doing things right and that means being transparent, consistent and honest. We work to ensure client satisfaction and maintain professional standards always.

A1 Credit: Licensed Money Lender Singapore (Chinatown)


Responsible lending is to act in a customer’s best interests, ensuring affordability, transparency of terms and conditions and supporting our clients if they experience repayment difficulties.

A1 Credit: Licensed Money Lender Singapore (Chinatown)


We strive for the highest service quality to be the number one moneylender in Singapore. We take in customer feedback seriously to continuously exceed our clients and the public expectations.

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