Top 10 Restaurants in Ang Mo Kio to Eat the Best Food

Chef Cooking in the Best Restaurant in Ang Mo Kio

Singapore’s Ang Mo Kio, before being transformed into a well-established town centre, was once an area covered in secondary forest and rubber plantation. Its name literally translates to ‘red-haired man’s bridge’ in Hokkien, which says a lot about its history.

Moreover, this place isn’t only known for its rich art and heritage. Most people keep coming back to Ang Mo Kio because of the best food stops it has to offer. Here, we have listed down a few dishes and finds you must consider trying!

  1. Seng Bee Hainanese Chicken Rice

Have you been craving soft flavorful chicken, the kind that’s apparently easy to swallow? This already comes with rice, spicy chilli and soy sauce that you would immediately love from the very moment you get to see it. Visit Ang Mo Kio Market & Food Centre to experience a taste like no other.

  1. Ho Bee Roasted Food

For a different experience and for pork lovers, this is surely something to look forward to. Enjoy their chunky roasted meat and its famous sliced char siew with a bountiful serving of rice with a thick sauce. You can expect long queues as it is definitely one of their best sellers.

  1. Hong Ji Bak Kut Teh

It’s impossible not to appreciate this restaurant’s Bak Kut Teh which is served in a clay pot after being slow-cooked. Customers can even ask to add mee sua for the best combination.

Mellben Seafood

  1. Mellben Seafood

Based on most recommendations, this stall at Block 232 has been a popular restaurant for many people over the years. Thus, for fresh seafood finds, do not ever miss this stop’s well-liked chilli crabs, creamy butter crabs and the claypot crab bee hoon soup.

  1. 284 Kway Chap

This stop is well-known for its hearty bowls of kway in a warm soy soup that is sauce-based! Customers are even allowed to pick sides from a wide selection including pork meat, salted vegetables, tau pok, and even sliced intestines!

  1. Canopy Garden Dining

This isn’t your typical food stop in Singapore. Prepare to experience their al fresco dining which offers a very diverse and generous brunch menu. From African Shakshuk, to Crabmeat Aglio Olio and Black Angus Cheeseburger, you’re definitely coming home with a stomach full!

  1. Sumo Big Prawn

From the word itself, expect extra-large crustaceans to be served for you in bowls of pork and prawn shell broth and a hint of Chinese wine. For sure, you cannot resist its signature Sumo Lobster Noodles as well, which comes with a whole lobster with prawns and clams and Crayfish Noodles!

The Pine Garden

  1. The Pine Garden

Your Ang Mo Kio food trip will never complete without stopping by this place for desserts! A variety of bread and cakes are being offered in this particular bakery which has been open for over thirty years already. If this doesn’t convince you to order some of their fluffiest sweets yet, what else will?

  1. Grin Affair

Want more sweets? Grab Grin Affair’s on-the-go cute jar cakes which start at $7.70 only! You can choose from sinful like Hazelnut and Honey Lavender to seasonal flavors such as Matcha Pecan Pie and Lychee Passionfruit.

  1. Denzy Gelato

If you haven’t had enough treats just yet, try the in-house classic and surprising ice cream flavors offered by this shop! Gelato can also be served with a buttery waffle if you’d ask!


Have you picked your target menu and restaurant, so far? Make sure to include these spots in your next food stop!

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