Best SME Business Loan Interest Rates in Singapore (2021)

business loan singapore interest rate

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many small businesses grappling with new challenges to keep the business going. Amidst the many uncertainties, banks and financial companies in Singapore have committed to helping SMEs improve their financial situations. In response to Covid-19, the Monetary Authority of Singapore worked with financial institutions in the country to offer loan … Read more

HDB Bridging Loan: How to Cover a Shortfall When Buying a New Home

HDB Bridging Loan

Many Singaporeans are selling their private properties after earning the opportunity to purchase an HDB property. Government-subsidized properties always see great interest from buyers because of their low price and high quality, encouraging those paying higher regular payments for their private properties to reconsider owning an HDB property. The government only permits eligible individuals to … Read more

10 Tips on Planning a Budget Wedding in Singapore


It’s one of the most special dates in any couple’s lives: their union before friends and family. Unfortunately, it can (and most likely will) be one of the most expensive personal ventures two individuals will embark on in their entire lives — especially if they plan to have such a wedding in Singapore. Singapore weddings … Read more

Top 8 Options for Choosing the Best Wedding Loan (Singapore)

wedding loan singapore

Every couple planning to get married might want to consider taking out a loan for their dream wedding to come true. For many, the idea of weddings can only be described in one word—big. But before that big day, you need to make sure you have the finances in order. Wedding loans are personal loans … Read more

Costs of 3, 4, 5-room HDB flat Renovation (Singapore)

Renovation Singapore

In addition to more usable space and reduced costs associated with home renovation, renovations also increase its value. In what way? Because it usually involves clearing out the clutter, you can then repurpose the items you find in the home. This, of course, benefits the space, the functionality, and the overall look of the home. … Read more

A Complete Guide to Effectively Using a Bridging Loan

how does bridging loan work

You need to sell your property before you can buy a new one. Unfortunately, the condo promotion you’re after is about to expire before you can sell your property. Thanks to bridging loans, you have enough capital to use the condo interest rate promotion before it expires. First, banks and financial institutions will give you … Read more

What Is a Bridging Loan: a Complete Guide

What is a bridging loan: a complete guide

From home loan and mortgage costs to loan interest and other expenses, moving house in Singapore can be expensive.  If you’re moving from your current home to a new HDB flat or making any other kind of property purchase, a bridging loan can help you bridge the financial gap between two loans– those covering your … Read more

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