How To Deal With Loan Sharks In Singapore

Handling Loan Sharks 1

A loan shark also called “Ah Long” is an illegal moneylender who takes advantage of the hopeless situations of borrowers. Loan sharks would often target individuals who are badly in need of money. They would charge high interest rates and unreasonably high fees.  Borrowers would take their ridiculous loan offerings out of desperation. If these … Read more

How to Choose The Best Personal Loan in Singapore?

Man touching his head and looking bulbs

Finding the best personal loan provider in Singapore can be hard, especially if you have no idea where to find one. Personal loans are very important since it allows you to get out of sticky financial problems, emergencies, and other instances in which you need to get a quick source of cash. However, the lending … Read more

10 Practical Money Saving Tips for Financial Goals

Men calculating for saving

Saving money the right way is one of the best life skills anyone can learn. Truthfully, all positive or negative situations should never leave wise financial planners complacent about their situation. If you know how to save money on different occasions and situations, you will always have enough for emergencies and have access to a … Read more

5 Tips On Starting An Emergency Fund

Urgent Cash Loan

Emergencies are the inevitable, unplanned events that throw off both your plans, health condition, and finances. To make things worse, an emergency situation can be extremely expensive. Truthfully, even if you begin creating your own emergency funds Singapore, it cannot handle major financial situations. However, it’s great to have the money you can use within … Read more

Your Quick Guide to FAQs of Money Lending in Singapore

Lending Money

Before you borrow from a money lender, it is important to consider various factors to avoid getting into trouble with unlicensed moneylenders and know what you are expected to do. Most people in Singapore take loans without proper knowledge of the fundamentals and consequences that may come after.  This article is meant to answer the … Read more

Getting A Foreigner Loan In Singapore

A businessman calculating budget for a couple

Singapore is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Asia. However, staying there for good can be expensive because of the cost of living.  You might encounter financial problems such as, how are you going to pay your rent, how are you going to pay medical bills once you get sick, and even wonder how … Read more

How Singaporeans Can Repair Their Bad Credit Scores

If you’re one of many people who Googled “bad credit personal loan $5000 Singapore,” then you may have thought how nice it would be to apply for a lowest interest personal loan without worrying about the impact of a poor credit score. One of the first steps to fix a poor credit score requires you … Read more

How To Clear Your Bad Credit History in Singapore

A main with financial concern

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Clear Bad Credit History Singapore Even though you may be making payments on time, there is no guarantee you will always do that. For instance, it is possible to forget the due date, or have an unaccounted emergency expense, hence unable to repay debts.  A Credit Bureau cannot take … Read more

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