10 Tips on Planning a Budget Wedding in Singapore


It’s one of the most special dates in any couple’s lives: their union before friends and family. Unfortunately, it can (and most likely will) be one of the most expensive personal ventures two individuals will embark on in their entire lives — especially if they plan to have such a wedding in Singapore.

Singapore weddings can cost from S $30,000- S $100,000. Often, the wedding banquet, bridal package, and honeymoon take the most significant chunk of the expense pie. Below, you can see which items actually take up the most wedding cake.

Wedding Costs Lower Median Upper
Bridal Package S $3,000 S $4,500 S $6,000
Wedding Bands S $2,000 S $4,000 S $6,000
Dowry S $500 S $2,750 S $5,000
Solemnization S $1,000 S $3,000 S $5,000
Wedding Banquet S $18,000 S $29,000 S $40,200
Wedding Photography S $2,500 S $3,250 S $4,000
Miscellaneous Costs S $1,000 S $1,500 S $2,000
Honeymoon S $5,000 S $6,500 S $8,000
Subsidies (Red Packets) -S $10,800 -S $ 17,400 -S $24,100
Total S $22,200 S $37,100 S $52,800

Focus on the lower-range and median expense rates. You might notice a massive jump of 30-40% in expense reduction. You’re likely imagining how less decorative, glamorous, and overall of low quality that wedding might possibly be.

However, contrary to popular belief, a budget wedding Singapore can look and feel just as glamorous and beautiful as its expensive counterpart. All you’ll need is diligence, a keen eye for deals and discounts, and managing your expectations.

10 great tips to help you pull off a beautiful budget wedding Singapore

1.Wedding Reception- A Lunch Wedding Cuts Almost Half The Expense Cake

Wedding planning hackers discovered that couples can save up to 40% on their wedding banquet expenses by having it on an earlier schedule just in time for lunch reception.

Truthfully, most banquets are expensive because most venues price evening events higher than their morning or noontime rental slots. However, keep in mind that wedding venue affordability depends on its popularity, official rating, and other factors.

2.Wedding Venue – Restaurants Help You Get More Financial Mileage

Restaurant chain owners and mom-and-pop dining venues in Singapore specifically have considerable crowds in mind. Therefore, you won’t need to hire a caterer who has to prepare and transport food to your Singapore wedding venues and serve the wedding guests.

A banquet at the Peony Jade at Clarke Quay cost newlyweds only S $999 per table. Take note that Peony Jade is one of the best restaurants in Singapore. The relatively cheap restaurant venue for the wedding in Singapore is Lingzhi Vegetarian, which can push the expenses envelope lighter at S$501 per table.

3.Wedding Invitations – Go Digital

Wedding Invites cost about $1.50 – $3 per card. You’ll likely spend about $150 – $450 for invitations alone. With the age of technology, it has become easier to send out wedding invitations. With free templates available online, you can create a beautiful invitation without any cost!

4.Wedding Gown Rentals- Just As Beautiful as Custom-Made Ones

While it might make you feel special going all-out with your gown, you’re only going to use it once. If you’re strapped for cash during your wedding, don’t think of yourself any less in deciding to use rental wedding gowns, which are just as beautiful as custom-made or new gowns.

Pre-loved gowns come from brides who have made the realization that these outfits are special only once in their lives. Furthermore, they love the thought of someone celebrating a joyous wedding with a shared gown. Most wedding gown rental shops in Singapore maintain these pre-loved gowns extremely well — you’d never believe they’re quite old by their aesthetics.

5.Wedding Favours – Go Traditional With Cakes and Favors

It’s a growing trend in Singapore: Western-themed weddings are prevalent. They’re flashy, elegant, beautiful, and memorable for newlyweds and their guests. However, if the budget is quite tight, going with traditional wedding desserts, such as “kueh” and tea cakes, can make your wedding memorable and not less of the ideal you envisioned.

Even if you use an affordable restaurant to hold your wedding banquets, prices per table can still rise if you choose expensive suppliers to provide customized desserts. If you and your partner aren’t too particular about food and other favors, you can go for traditional cakes and other desserts instead.

6.Wedding Flowers – So Many Alternatives to Wedding-Oriented Florists

Wet market florists in Singapore are better alternatives than expensive floral bridal bouquet. While they don’t offer specialized wedding packages, they give you value for money by helping you save up to 40% on your floral arrangements if you’ve used a renowned wedding florist.

Alternatively, faux flowers are underrated. They don’t spoil, and you can bend and place them wherever you want without worrying about the weather. Furthermore, to-be-weds and guests who are allergic to certain flower types (pollen is a common allergen) won’t need to worry about wearing a mask and looking out-of-place during the wedding ceremony. You can buy ready-made artificial flowers from arts and crafts stores and online sellers.

7.Actual Day Wedding Photography – Get Services From Colleagues

In all honesty, you will find this suggestion reprehensible, but asking friends to take the photos and videos of your wedding — especially if they have equipment — can help you save massively on your wedding coverage.

On the other hand, you can ask your friends to refer you to photographers and videographers they know or have worked with. Some of these give great discounts for new guests that a former client has introduced. Additionally, the wedding coverage company might lower their costs if you show them the total amount you have on the wedding budget.

8.Wedding Car Rental – Any Car Can Be Magical; Not Just Luxurious Ones!

You’ve heard stories of your friends or colleagues who have used typical vehicles rather than luxurious vehicles for their wedding car. Most couples make a big deal of the car during their wedding planning. On the other hand, any car meticulously decorated with proper regalia for the wedding can look magical and deserved by the newlyweds

Cutting down on luxury cars and using your everyday car makes it even more special. When you ride your vehicle to work daily, you’ll always remember your wedding day. If you don’t have a car, you can ask siblings, friends, or colleagues to borrow it on your wedding day. Indeed, they’ll agree as long as you agree to put them on your celebration’s guest list!

9.Hair and Makeup – Freelancers Charge Less But Can Achieve More

While they’re polite and great to work with, bridal studios have inflated their prices beyond fair. However, freelance hair and makeup artists who have in-depth experience but decide to work by themselves can charge you lower than specialist companies with an established name.

Some pointers before deciding to hire a freelance hair and makeup artist:

  • Check their portfolio — most freelancers keep photos of their clients in social media or professional websites they own
  • Ask if you can do a paid hair and makeup test before your celebration. Take note that they might charge you their standard rates in asking for this
  • It’s best to trust a close friend’s suggestion when it comes to freelance hair and makeup artists.

10.Wedding Bands – It’s All About The Right Time

If you can put off your nuptials for a little longer, you can get huge discounts by purchasing your bands during Valentine’s Day. Many bride and groom shops offer great discounts during this period. Truthfully, it’s a great way to save plenty for your small but meaningful favors.

Additional Tip: Expect Some Nasty Financial Surprises

A nuptial plan and budget are challenging to finalize. However, you’ll need to contend with one more difficulty: unexpected events. It might come in the form of uninvited guests who need additional tables.

Furthermore, it might be suppliers having to provide more expensive alternatives. It’s best that you’re prepared for this situation at all times.

Other Things To Know Before You Plan Your Big Day

Is It a Good Idea to Get a Wedding Loan?

If you’re looking for extra funds to help pay for your wedding, it can be helpful to take out a loan. But make sure that when deciding how much money is needed, both of you know the total amount and interest rates so there are no surprises later on.

What Costs Can A Wedding Loan Cover?

With a minimum monthly salary of S$2,000, licensed moneylenders can lend you up to 6 times your monthly salary. While banks can offer up to 10 times with a higher minimum income.

This money can be used for any of your wedding needs, such as honeymoon, gown, among others.

How much can I get with a S$25,000 annual salary?

Most banks have a minimum annual income requirement of S$30,000. If your income is less than than, you can consider borrowing from a licensed moneylender. Legal lenders only require a minimum salary of S$2,000 for Singaporeans or permanent residents and S$3,000 for foreigners.

How much can I get with a S$15,000 annual salary?

With licensed moneylenders, you can loan up to $3,000. Banks typically require a minimum income of S$30,000.

What is the average interest rate for a wedding loan?

Banks’ average interest rate for a wedding loan is 3.5%, while moneylenders charge anywhere between 1-4%. To find the best wedding loan, it’s best to request for quotes or use a loan calculator.

How To Qualify For Wedding Loans?

Whether it is a bank, credit union or other type of financial institution; there are some essential items you should prepare before applying for an account. Below we have listed the most common requirements to make sure that your application goes smoothly and quickly!

Usual Eligibility:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Minimum monthly income of S$2,000 for citizens and permanent residents; S$3,000 for foreigners

Typical Requirements:

  • NRIC
  • Proof of income and employment
  • Proof of residence
  • SingPass to log in to CPF, IRAS, and HDB websites
  • For foreigners: Passport, work permit, proof of residence, proof of employment, proof of income

Weddings Are Tough, But Wise and Frugal Planning Gives You An Undeniable Edge

You’ve been looking forward to your big day since the first day of planning. Therefore, don’t let nasty surprises spoil your plans and budget.

If you require a quick buffer, you can count on A1 Credit Solutions for the best personal loan that you can use for your wedding day.

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