How to Budget a Grand Wedding in Singapore?

How to Budget a Grand Wedding in Singapore?

Weddings do not have to be an event that will leave your bank accounts dry. You can absolutely carry out a wedding that will not cost a fortune. We will guide you on how to do that in this article. How do I start planning a wedding checklist? Grand Wedding In Singapore In this section, we will discuss the most essential parts of your wedding checklist Singapore. Ensure that you meet every item in this checklist to make sure that your wedding has no forgotten parts.

Figure out your spending limit

Start by figuring out the amount that you can spend. You can include those that come from the contributions of your family and friends but only include those that have confirmed their contribution. You don’t want to overshoot your spending budget due to contributions that never materialize. Figuring out your spending limit is crucial when you want to strictly follow your budget.

Get started on the visitor checklist

The moment that you announce your engagement with your significant other, people will begin thinking whether they will be invited or not. If you want to lower your expenses, be sure to lower the number of people that you invite. Not inviting people who want to attend may seem cruel, but it is the best way to cut your expenses especially if you have to follow a strict budget plan. This point will be emphasized later in this article. After you determined the number of guests, it is now time to work on the invitations. Employ a calligrapher if you want a handmade invitation. Putting addresses on the invitation cards is labor-intensive, so you have to mind your budget as necessary.

Work with a professional wedding planner

professional wedding planner Seek the services of a professional wedding planner if you have the budget for it. A professional wedding planner should have connections and information about suppliers that you will have to deal with when conducting a wedding.

Make the appropriate reservations

Book your date and venues. Make a decision on whether you should have different venues for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception, and be sure to take travel times between the different venues into consideration. Additionally, you should start organizing your honeymoon vacation. Be sure to make reservations on the hotels and places that you will spend your honeymoon at. Make certain that you and your fiancee’s passports are updated, and plan doctors’ visits for any health concerns that you might require. When should you start planning your wedding? In general, you should start planning 3-4 weeks after getting engaged. Having more time in the “engaged phase” will allow you to have some time of slight planning about the wedding without the stress of the real planning.

4 ways to cut expenses on your wedding ceremony

  1. Conduct the wedding ceremony and reception at your house, or at your backyard

Hiring an establishment, building or function hall for the wedding venue is usually too costly. As an alternative, You can make use of your own home, your backyard, or the home of your parents. You can also choose a public recreation area with a stunning view as well. You may also conduct your reception outside your house, setting up a beautiful and unforgettable wedding ceremony while getting rid of the expense associated with hiring a location. If you chose the backyard setting, it is recommended to employ a back-up plan in case there is undesirable weather on the date of your wedding. You can rent strong tents to prepare for rainy weather, fans for a hot weather, or just conduct the ceremony inside your house.
  1. Cut down on the number of guests

Even though you may be enticed to put every person you are acquainted with in your guest checklist, that certainly is not always recommended. With every person you add to the list, you are placing extra expenses while also reducing the intimacy of your wedding. If you put everyone you know on your guest list, soon your wedding will be filled with people that you barely know.
  1. Provide catering services yourself or seek the services of a family-owned eatery

One way to lower the costs of your wedding is to take care of the catering yourself. This task can be made easy by asking your immediate family members for help. By doing this, you can tremendously decrease the food expenses of your wedding ceremony. On the other hand, if cooking is simply not your thing, go and seek the services of a catering service or restaurant that is family-owned. This is because family owned restaurants tend to charge less compared to those popular restaurant chains. Additionally, family-owned restaurants generally go beyond the basics to create a special wedding experience for you
  1. Do not spend a lot of money on the flowers

As opposed to paying a lot of your hard-earned cash on flowers which will perish a short time after the wedding reception, you can go the minimalist approach. Make your flower design very simple but stylish. As an example, you can just provide a bouquet for the bride, and just give single flowers to the bridesmaid. If you are friends with somebody who owns their own flowers, you can try and ask them for a favor on your special day. An additional inexpensive wedding plan for flowers is by using artificial flowers as an alternative. It’s probable that nobody will even recognize that your flowers are fake, and you can spend less by working on flower bouquets on your own in advance. Artificial flowers also do not wither, so you can keep them as decoration after the wedding. Are you running short of money to spend on your wedding day and need a quick loan to be able to continue? A1 Credit is here to help you! Click here if you want to see their personal loan offers and more information about their loan application process.

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