5 Things You Do When Visiting Buona Vista

what to do at buona vista

Are you planning a trip to Buona Vista? Bouna Vista is a beautiful place. It’s one of those places you go to so you can say you’ve been there.

But what do you do in Bouna Vista? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here are 5 things you can do when visiting Buona Vista.

1. Walk Around One-North Park

This serene oasis is just what the city needs! Fresh air, tall trees, and sunshade with park benches for nature lovers. The lawns are green thanks to wide paths that change elevation throughout this beautiful spot so if you want an energy boost or some time off work respectively; it’s perfect here.

Eating lunch on one of those long benches will make anyone feel like they’ve been transported somewhere else…into peace (and probably less hungry).

Location: Slim Barracks Rise, Singapore

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours

2. Explore the Star Vista

The retail section of this mall is impressive, with many popular restaurants and cafes in the area. However it’s not just a place to eat – there are also great options for shopping! The Japanese market at B1 provides an additional reason why you should stop by if your travels bring you here.

Location: 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista, Singapore 138617

Operating Hours: 10AM–10PM

3. Order Bubble Tea at KOI Café Buona Vista

KOI is a local favorite bubble tea outlet that has won over the hearts of many office workers and students with their delicious drinks! They have an especially long queue during peak hours, but if you’re crazy enough to wait then your patience will be rewarded as KOI never disappoints.

Location: 100 North Buona Vista Road, #01-02/03, Buona Vista MRT Station, Singapore 139345

Operating Hours: 10AM–10PM

4. Dine at 5 Senses Bistro

The food here is great. They have a wide selection of dishes that are priced well and the taste that’ll really satisfy your palette! Their location in this mall isn’t too busy so it’s easy to miss them if you’re not looking for something specific, but trust me – once you unearth these guys, you’ll want to keep coming back again and again.

There ain’t no better deal around than what they got going on.

Location: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #02-21 The Star Vista, Singapore 138617

Operating Hours: Daily 11AM–9PM

5. Check Out the Star Performing Arts Centre

As the name states, this is a great place to catch a show! You can find anything from live bands to opera here. And if you don’t know who to watch, ask any local – they’ll be happy to recommend something for you.

Location: 1 Vista Exchange Green, #04-01, Singapore 138617

That’s it for the top 5 things you can do in Buona Vista. If you’re taking a trip here, don’t forget to talk to the locals. They can help you out and make your trip a little more interesting!

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