HDB Loan Eligibility (HLE) Letter: Steps to Apply

Singapore HDB a guide to HDB loan eligibility

Housing spaces in Singapore do not come cheap. Unless you are a millionaire, you may not afford to buy a flat in cash. The options are either to get a bank housing loan or apply for an HDB loan. If you are interested in buying a flat for your family and do not know the … Read more

Singaporeans’ Guide to Borrowing Legal Loans

Loan application form stamping a guide to legal loans

These days, making ends meet and keeping businesses afloat has become more of a burden. Thus, it is inevitable for most people to run short or be tight on the budget whatever their situation may be. This proves how much loans are beneficial to sudden bills and other financial emergencies. The only problem is, ensuring … Read more

Things to Consider Before Being a Loan Guarantor in Singapore

Applying a loan with a loan guarantor

True friendships symbolize a firm bond between two individuals accompanied by a high trust level. We’re often helpful to friends who are in need. It seems better to become a loan guarantor rather than a friend’s lender because banks and financial institutions give them access to better financial products and services. Most Singaporeans are quick … Read more

Best Overseas Education Loans in Singapore 2021

Graduation hat on top coin stack

Having a study loan Singapore for oversea study is a long-term and possibly painful financial commitment. However, studying overseas is a great privilege and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to open new employment and life-changing horizons for any Singaporean student. Truthfully, it’s virtually impossible to save up enough money to pay the total overseas university tuition completely. Thankfully, … Read more

COE Renewal: In-House Loan or Bank Loan?

Man Signing COE Renewal Loan for his car

Singapore, as one of the busiest countries in the world, is also amongst the most expensive areas to live in. This is evident especially with how most Singaporeans cannot afford the luxury of even owning a car. Assuming you were able to purchase one, it’s also been revealed that while most car owners anticipate their … Read more

Where Can I Get An Urgent Loan In Singapore This 2021?

Man in Financial Situation Solved it With An Urgent Loan From Licensed Money Lender

The Covid-19 Pandemic caused a very challenging year to many Singapore citizens. This detailed guideline will help enlighten you with a very convenient option for an economic solution for your financial burdens, and how to get it solved before the year ends. This is where an urgent loan comes in. Due to the unawareness or … Read more

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Car Loan in Singapore

Car Loan

A car is now an indispensable commodity in a world of modern technology that has drastically decreased its prices, especially here in Singapore. Although public transportation in Singapore is an ever-improving mode of transportation, a car is more flexible.  Whenever and whatever you need to travel into or bring, your car can be customized to … Read more

5 Tips to Getting a Loan Approved in Singapore

People Agreeing on a loan

Doing your homework as a potential borrower can go a long way. This, in turn, may boost your chances of getting your loan approved efficiently. Application approval depends on the financial institutions, but one thing they have in common is that they want diligent borrowers, who can show enough proof that they can pay back … Read more

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