How To Find Reliable Money Lender in Singapore?

Reliable moneylender shaking hands with borrower after signing contract

Moneylenders help thousands of people every year. Despite this amazing feat, not all licensed moneylenders are made equal.  There are credit companies that provide better service than their competitors. If you are planning to apply for a Singapore personal loan, business loan, or other types of loans, here’s how to find the most reputable Singapore … Read more

Borrowing From Moneylenders: What You Need to Know

Businessman and customer shaking hands

As much as possible, nobody wants to borrow money from any lender because you’ll need to compensate them with interest. Singapore’s banks and financial institutions have continuously engaged in legal and regulated moneylending practices, allowing them to charge added fees over interest rates. However, it’s wise to borrow money if you don’t have the luxury … Read more

Private Money Lenders in Singapore: What Loans They Offer?

Loan form Private Money Lender Guide

Singapore is well-known for its high living costs and, from time to time, we all need a helping hand with our finances. That said, it can sometimes feel daunting to take out a credit card, sign a loan contract or borrow some extra cash from the bank – especially if you’re worried about accumulating interest … Read more

Borrower’s Guide to the Money Lending Act in Singapore

Money Lending Act in Singapore

We’ve all been there, moments in our lives where the amount in our pockets versus our need for cash don’t see eye-to-eye. Whether it’s a dire emergency or a financial opportunity with a small window, sometimes our finances aren’t quite liquid, or our savings just fall a little too short. Luckily you have a few … Read more

5 Tips to Spot Illegal Money Lenders, Loan Sharks in Singapore

Woman Receiving Money

No matter how desperate you are for money in Singapore, avoid ah longs at all costs. Ah longs, loan sharks, or unlicensed moneylenders continue to prey on many Singaporeans. Once you’ve engaged with them, there’s no turning back. They are usually members of crime syndicates, so there’s no guarantee that they’ll stop collecting money from … Read more

What Debt Collectors Can and Can’t Do Under the Law?

What Debt Collectors Can And Can't Do

Today, moneylenders don’t go as far as sticking a pig’s head to pressure debtors into paying their debt – mainly because it’s illegal. They are expected to follow the Credit Collection Association of Singapore (CCAS) code of conduct. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop some debt collectors from resorting to frightening tactics. So what can you do? … Read more

List of 12 Month Loan Lenders in Singapore

Loan Lenders shaking hands

Having many choices is one of the best qualities of Singapore. You have a listing of financial products capable of helping you achieve your financial goals. Truthfully, each one carries a risk, but having a cash advance in Singapore has become easy thanks to an easily-accessible licensed money lender near you. The Moneylender’s Act of … Read more

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