5 Best Wealth Management Services in Singapore (2024)

wealth management in singapore

Navigating the intricate realm of financial management can often be an overwhelming task. Yet, with the assistance of seasoned wealth management firms, you can make strategic decisions that will safeguard and grow your assets. 

In Singapore, the top 5 firms leading the pack in 2024 are DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, UOB Wealth Bank, HSBC Premier, and Citigold.

Often, individuals wonder if the services of a wealth management firm are worth the investment. The answer largely hinges on personal circumstances, but most clients find the specialized advice and tailor-made strategies offered by these professionals invaluable. 

These experts provide a comprehensive approach to financial planning, ensuring your financial goals are met and your wealth is optimized for future growth.

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Wealth Management Company

When choosing a wealth management company in Singapore, there are several factors to consider that will help ensure you find the best fit for your financial needs.

1. Reputation

The reputation of a wealth management firm is of utmost importance when it comes to managing your wealth. Take your time conducting research on the company’s track record, and pay close attention to reviews from current and former clients to gauge their satisfaction with the services provided.

2. Experience

Experienced wealth management companies can easily navigate the complexities of the financial world. Look for firms with a history of serving clients with similar financial profiles and goals as yours.

3. Range of Services

The best wealth management companies should offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to your financial objectives. These may include investment management, tax and estate planning, insurance, and more. Make sure the company’s offerings align with your specific needs.

4. Fees and Pricing

Before you engage with a wealth management firm, you must first understand the fee structure and how it might impact your returns. Some companies charge a flat fee, while others may charge a percentage of your assets under management (AUM). Inquire about potential hidden fees and any additional costs for their services.

5. Client Service and Support

A good wealth management company should be responsive and proactive in addressing your concerns. The right wealth management firm offers personalized service, has a dedicated point of contact, and provides regular updates on your portfolio’s performance. 

Benefits of Hiring a Wealth Manager

There are several benefits to hiring a wealth manager in Singapore. Some of these benefits include personalized advisory, investment expertise, and intelligent wealth management apps.

  • Personalised Advisory: Wealth managers provide bespoke financial advice tailored to your unique financial situation and long-term goals. They consider factors like your financial fitness, risk tolerance, income, assets, and financial aspirations to construct a customized wealth management plan that aligns with your needs.
  • Investment Expertise: Wealth managers bring significant investment knowledge and experience to the table. They understand market trends, investment opportunities, and risk factors at a granular level. With their expertise, wealth managers can help you diversify your portfolio while safeguarding your assets from market volatility.
  • Intelligent Wealth App: In the digital age, many wealth management firms provide intelligent wealth apps for their clients. These apps offer real-time updates, access to market insights, and the ability to track and manage your own investments anytime, anywhere. This digital tool enhances the wealth management experience by offering convenience, transparency, and control over your financial portfolio.
  • Suite of Investment Products and Services: Wealth managers have access to a broad range of investment products and services. This extensive suite can include mutual funds, ETFs, bonds, equities, real estate, and alternative investments like hedge funds. By leveraging this vast array, they can create a diversified and balanced portfolio that can withstand market volatility and ensure steady growth.

Best wealth management companies in Singapore

citigold privilege banking

1. Citigold – Best for Global Banking Services


Citigold is a premier banking and wealth management service offered by Citibank Singapore. It provides tailored wealth solutions, market insights, and a dedicated team for high-net-worth individuals, focusing on personalized financial strategy and goal-oriented growth.


  • Wealth Advisory: Access to a dedicated team of wealth managers and financial experts who provide personalized advice and market insights.
  • Citigold Total Wealth Advisor: A goal-based wealth advisory tool to help you plan, monitor, and manage your portfolio effectively.
  • Exclusive Privileges: Indulge in tailored lifestyle, travel, and dining privileges, curated specifically for Citigold clients.
  • Citi Wealth Hub: Benefit from Singapore’s largest wealth advisory hub at 268 Orchard Road, offering a seamless high net-worth banking experience.


  • Enjoy up to S$16,855* rewards when you join Citigold today
  • Enjoy rewards when you invite family and friends to the Citigold Circle

Please visit Citi’s website for the latest offers available for Citigold membership.

dbs logo

2. DBS Treasures – Best for Regional Investment Expertise


The DBS Private Bank offers financial solutions and opportunities that are tailored to meet the financial goals of high-net-worth individuals. DBS Treasures is a wealth management platform that provides a comprehensive suite of investment solutions to accredited investors in Singapore. Equipped with expert advice and digital capabilities, their platform is designed to help you navigate the complex world of investments.


  • Customized Research and Insights: Gain access to curated market research and insights suitable for your portfolio, providing you with well-informed investment opportunities.
  • Wealth Management Account: The Wealth Management Account offers various model portfolios for different risk appetites, allowing you to create a tailored asset mix aligned with their opinions.
  • Wide Range of Investment Products: DBS Treasures offers an array of wealth management products, such as structured investments, funds, and equities, catering to your diverse investment needs.
  • Exclusive Promotions: As a DBS Treasures private client, you can enjoy exclusive promo opportunities and privileges.


Currently, DBS Treasures is offering a promotion where you can be rewarded with up to S$17,700 when you get started with their services. Other promos include:

  • Enjoy rewards of up to S$500 shopping vouchers when you refer a friend
  • Receive up to S$200 of vouchers with Masterpiece when you get a home and valuables insurance plan today
  • Get up to S$125 cashback with the Invest-Saver plan today

Be sure to stay informed about their latest promos to take advantage of these opportunities.

ocbc bank logo

3. OCBC Premier Banking – Best for Holistic Wealth Management


OCBC Premier Banking is a service offered by OCBC Bank to provide tailored wealth management solutions to its clients in Singapore. As a Premier Banking client, you can leverage OCBC’s extensive range of investment plans and wealth management services to optimize your assets and strategically grow your wealth.


  • Access to Premier Banking Centres: With over 60 Premier Banking Centres in Singapore and across Asia, you can enjoy personalized attention and services wherever you go.
  • Expert Insights from the OCBC Wealth Panel: As a Premier Banking client, you will receive in-depth insights into market trends and investment ideas generated by the top wealth management experts from OCBC Wealth Panel.
  • Digital Wealth Advisory: OCBC offers convenient, cutting-edge digital wealth management tools on its website and mobile app, making it easy for you to track your investments and access curated insights and ideas.


  • Receive up to S$13,950 when you start a Premier Banking relationship with S$350,000 in fresh funds

For more information on the latest promotions and offers, please visit the official OCBC Premier Banking website.

uob logo

4. UOB Wealth Banking – Best for Personalised Wealth Solutions


UOB Wealth Banking is a comprehensive wealth management service in Singapore, designed to help you enhance your full wealth potential. With a dedicated advisory team to provide insights and solutions for your investment, treasury, insurance, and property portfolio, the wealth management services offered by UOB Wealth Banking are tailored to meet your unique financial needs and goals. 


  • Own Dedicated Relationship Manager: UOB Wealth Banking assigns a dedicated relationship manager to assist and advise you in making informed decisions regarding your wealth management.
  • Product Specialists Team: A team of product specialists provides insights and solutions for your investment, treasury, insurance, and property portfolio, ensuring you receive personalized advice and expert knowledge.
  • Global Market Insights: As a UOB Wealth Banking client, you gain access to the latest economic trends and investment news from in-house economists, helping you make well-informed decisions.


UOB Wealth Banking periodically offers exclusive promotions.

  • Promotional interest rate of 2.70% p.a. for 6- and 10-month tenors
  • Get up to 4.15% p.a.* interest on your US dollar deposits with the UOB Global Currency Premium Account
  • Enjoy a preferential car loan rate of 2.28% p.a. (max EIR 4.35% p.a.), exclusively for UOB Wealth Banking clients
hsbc logo

5. HSBC Premier – Best for International Investment Opportunities


HSBC Premier is a top-tier banking service designed to cater to your unique financial needs. It provides exclusive privileges and comprehensive wealth management solutions to help you manage your wealth seamlessly, both in Singapore and internationally.


  • Personalized Financial Planning: Work closely with your own dedicated Relationship Manager to develop tailored financial strategies for your specific goals.
  • Global Wealth Management: Access a variety of global wealth management services to diversify your portfolio and take advantage of investment opportunities across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Preferential Services and Rates: Receive attractive rates for savings, loans, and mortgages.
  • Exclusive Rewards: Enjoy an array of Premier rewards, offers, and partnerships.


  • Get up to S$10,470 as a welcome gift when you join HSBC Premier
  • Plus a 1-night stay at Shangri-La Singapore, Tower Wing Deluxe Room includes breakfast & Internet access for 2 adults (worth SGD 420++) when you start a new HSBC Premier relationship with an incremental Total Relationship Balance of S$300,000 in fresh funds and complete a goal planner report with the Relationship Manager.

Please visit their official website to check their latest promotions, which may include cashback, shopping vouchers, or bonus interest rates.


Wealth Management Firm Best For Minimum Assets Required
Citigold Global Banking Services Investible assets of S$200,000
DBS Treasures Regional Investment Expertise Investible assets of S$350,000.
OCBC Premier Banking Holistic Wealth Management Deposit or invest S$200,000 in fresh funds
UOB Wealth Banking Personalised Wealth Solutions Maintain minimum qualifying asset under management of S$100,000
HSBC Premier International Investment Opportunities

• Total Relationship Balance of at least S$200,000 in deposits, investments and/or insurance is required.
• Singapore property loan of at least SGD800,000 or an Australian property loan of at least AUD200,000.


In conclusion, choosing the right wealth management service can be a game-changer in growing and protecting your wealth. Each of the wealth management firms listed here brings unique advantages, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every individual’s financial goals and needs. Remember, a strategic partnership with the right firm can elevate your wealth management strategy, paving the way for financial security and prosperity.

Key Takeaways:

  • Singapore’s robust banking sector is one of its major strengths which makes it an attractive destination for wealth management.
  • The top wealth management firms offer personalized advisory services tailored to individual financial situations and long-term goals.
  • Wealth management firms provide a broad suite of investment products and services, ensuring clients have access to a variety of investment opportunities.

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