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At A1 Credit, you can skip the tedious paperwork and loan approval waiting time that you have to go through elsewhere when you apply for a loan. Our loan process is fuss free and simple so that you spend as little time as possible on the paperwork in exchange for more time with the important things in your life and business.

Our friendly team is ready to walk you through the process of coming to a financial solution. We aim to put you in a better position than before by offering temporary financial security and our expertise. Feel free to speak to any of our loan specialists by calling us!

Highly trained loan specialists
100% Confidential
Served more than 5000 clients
Payday Loan

Advance your salary with our flexible payday loans. Repay back the loan only when you receive your salary.

Best For
  • Urgent Bills
  • Household/vehicle repair
  • Vacation cash shortfall

Loanable Amount: Up to 1 month take home income

Personal Loan

Need a longer term to repay back the loan? Or have other sources of income apart from your salary? This is the loan for you.

Best For
  • Big Ticket Expenses
  • Medical Bills
  • Wedding Expenses

Loanable Amount: SGD $500 to $50000

Bridging Loan

Need money urgently, yet your money is stuck somewhere else and unable to reach you in time? We can help bridge that gap for you.

Best For
  • House Renovation
  • Awaiting proceeds from housing sale/investment
  • Awaiting withdrawal of CPF savings upon reaching 55 years

Loanable Amount: SGD $5000 to $200000

Foreigner Loan

We understand that life in a foreign land can be tough, especially when you have to rely on yourself. Let us help you.

Best For
  • Family overseas in need of funds
  • Rent Deposit
  • Settling in costs

Loanable Amount: Up to SGD $10000

Business Loan

A business loan can help tide your company through cash short-fall to keep your business going smoothly.

Best For
  • Paying Salary
  • Purchasing materials
  • Business overheads

Loanable Amount: SGD $10000 to $200000

Low Interest Rates, flexible repayment plans always.

Up to


per annum

Up to


admin fee

Our interest rates are in accordance to the regulations set by the Ministry of Law.


Age: 18 Years and above

Singaporeans: Min Monthly Income of $1500
Foreigners:  Min Monthly Income of $2000

Will my bad credit history affect the loan application?

We will look at your current credit situation and repayment ability rather than your credit history. However, we do not offer loans to un-discharged bankrupts.

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