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Migration: Loan Singapore

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Migration of LoanSingapore.sg

LoanSingapore.sg is a reliable and credible directory that aims to provide the latest information and unbiased reviews that can help in maximizing Singaporeans’ savings by making the best monetary decisions through our site.

LoanSingapore.sg started as a blog that provides insights about the banks, mortgage loans, credit cards, insurance, personal loan, and licensed moneylender. They give insightful takes on these products and summarize such information for comparison.

Here are some of the insights we’ve gained from LoanSingapore.sg:


1. Fast and reliable loan application from licensed moneylenders

Licensed moneylenders featured on LoanSingapore.sg are licensed and verified under the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore. The unverified source may result in applying from the illegal and unlawful moneylenders, also known as loan sharks. This could bring you more financial difficulties and inconvenience such as legal issues with the local authority in Singapore.


2. Interest rates and admin fee comparison

Not all licensed moneylenders offer the same interest rates. Most of the moneylenders offer different borrowing rates, loan period and other administrative requirements. As such, it is vital to enquire with a few licensed moneylenders and compare before applying loan from them. LoanSingapore.sg aims to provide useful comparisons of reliable licensed moneylenders which will help to save your time, effort and cost from searching from over hundreds of licensed moneylender out there.


3. Loan management tips and techniques

At the point when your finances are getting out of control, LoanSingapore.sg offer loan management tips to deal with your credit cards bills and give suggestions on how to lower your borrowing cost. You can discover plenty of loan management techniques that can be very useful.



On 3 March 2022, LoanSingapore will migrate to www.a1credit.sg. The previous domain will become inactive since then.

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