MediSave Maternity Package: Your Guide to Saving on Baby Delivery Costs

MediSave Maternity Package: Your Guide to Saving on Baby Delivery Costs

Starting a family is not an easy thing to do. You will need to be emotionally, physically and financially ready to be able to raise a new family and to have a smooth sailing one. Giving the best to the family that you will be building will be a great challenge that you will need to accomplish through time. Planning of having a baby is really a tough job to do and being pregnant will take a lot of readiness and maturity. It is never free to raise a family. Having a baby can be very costly all over time.


Welcoming a new part of the family is very exciting especially if this is the first time for you to have a baby, however, the process of pregnancy can be quite expensive until the time you give birth. If you are not equipped with the financial aid that you will be needing, you may endanger the health and life of both the mother and the baby. It will be very difficult to have a delivery session without having any funds on your account and you should always be ready for the expenses that you will need for this.

From the first day of conceiving a baby, you will need to take care of the mother’s health because you should always remember that if the mother is healthy, there will be a high chance that the baby will also be healthy inside her. During the time of pregnancy, the mother needs constant visit to the doctor to see if the baby is doing very well inside the mother’s tummy.

Constant taking of medicine should also be in mind while pregnant. Having funds for the consultations, medications and lab tests are very important while pregnant. The mother should always take the prescribed medicines during the pregnancy for the sake of the baby. The medicines that are being prescribed by doctors are very much helpful for the development of the baby as well as the health of the mother.

With all these expenses, you will be needing assistance, if you do not have enough on your account or your pocket. This is where the MediSave Package comes in. You can use the package to cover the expenses of the mother and the child during and until the delivery process. You will be rest assured that they are both being taken care of constantly and sufficiently.

What is MediSave Maternity Package (MMP)?

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MediSave Maternity Package or simply known as MMP is a kind of medical package that will allow you to pay expenses during the pregnancy like the consultations, laboratory tests, ultrasounds, medications as well as expenses by the time of your delivery.

How to claim?

MediSave can be used in public as well as private hospitals in Singapore. You will need to make your claims for your delivery expenses by keeping all the receipt from your consultations, medications, laboratory tests. You can then present the receipts that you have to the hospital where the baby was delivered and the hospital will help you claim the pre-natal expenses and the delivery expenses under the MMP.

How much can you utilise with the package?

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The amount that you can get will depend on the type of delivery that you had. It can be via normal delivery or cesarean delivery and most of the time, cesarean deliveries can cost you more than that of the normal delivery. The limits of amount are set by the CPF Board and they review the accounts for the changes regarding the medical expenses.

Before the delivery, prenatal expenses like consultations, laboratory tests, medications, etc. can be covered by up to $900. For normal deliveries, you can use up to $1,250 and for cesarean sections, you can use up to $3,950 depending on the procedure. Some CS deliveries include tubal ligation or even hysterectomy. You can also use MMP for post delivery hospital stay that is up to $450 everyday in the hospital after you have delivered the baby. It usually takes 3 days for post delivery at the hospital if you went through normal delivery and 4 days for those who have been through the cesarean section deliveries.

Expenses when expecting a baby:

  1. Consultation

    You will need regular consultation to your doctor while you are pregnant. By doing this, you will ensure the baby’s health as well as the expectant mother. Consultation times maybe 15 times or more, depending on the situation. The doctor’s fee will depend on the hospital or clinic, public or private.

  2. Vitamins and supplements

    It is very imperative that you take vitamins and supplements to make sure that you are carrying a healthy baby inside your tummy. If you are healthy, your baby will also be healthy as it will get the nutrients they need while inside.

  3. Maternal clothes

    Be sure that you are equipped with maternity clothes while pregnant. You should move freely in your clothes so that the baby will not have a hard time inside. Sometimes, normal clothes that you wear can be so tight that the baby will also be affected inside.

  4. Prenatal Classes

    You can enroll to prenatal classes to ease the burden during the pregnancy. This will also help you with the delivery when the time comes.

Pregnancy is not that easy that is why you have to be ready when the time comes. Financial issues are the most common issue when you are expecting a baby. The main reason why you should always be equipped. There will be times when you will need financial help and you simply do not know where to turn to. A1Credit can be a lot of help when it comes to your financial needs.

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