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Buona Vista means Good Sight in Italian. It is called so because of the hilly geography of this area. This area lies between Holland Avenue, Holland Drive and Holland Close and is situated in the close vicinity of Dover and Ghim Moh estates. 

Advantages of Taking a Personal Loan With a Money Lender

In Singapore, you have the option to apply for a loan with a bank or with a money lender. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose money lender over banks:

1. Eligibility

Banks have more stringent criteria when it comes to eligibility. To be eligible for a loan with a bank, you must have an annual income of S$20,000 

if you are a foreigner, you should have an annual income of S$45,000 and above. 

While with money lenders, for Singaporeans/ PR holders, the minimum annual salary requirement is S$18,000 and for foreigners is S$24,000.

2. Credit Score Flexibility

Banks generally provide a loan to people with a good credit score only. While money lenders do not have such strict criteria, and in some loans, the score is not taken into consideration at all. 

It not only makes the chances of getting the loan approval higher but also helps in faster processing of the application.

Steps of Applying for a Personal Loan

Step 1: Eligibility Check

To apply for a personal loan in Singapore, first, you should check if you are eligible for getting a loan. 

Various banks and money lenders have different criteria for eligibility based on the types of loan. With A1 Credit, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a monthly salary of S$1500 if you are a citizen (or PR holder) of Singapore and $2000 for foreigners.

Step 2: Documentation

You will have to make sure that you have the following documents ready when you apply for a personal loan in Singapore: 

  • Identity card / NRIC (passport for foreigners)
  • Proof of employment (certificate of employment)
  • Last 3 months recent payslip
  • Proof of residence (utility bill, a letter addressed to you, and/or tenancy agreement)
  • SingPass (to log into CPF, HDB, IRAS website)

Step 3: Visit Us

Once you have everything ready, give us a call at 6336 0833 to set an appointment. Visit our office along with your documents, and you can discuss your plans and requirements with our representative. 

Once finalized, we will make a contract, and you can sign it after reading it. Cash will be provided to you instantly after the process is completed.

How Can We Help You?

A1 Credit is a licensed money lender in Singapore. We were established in 2009, and are fully compliant with the Moneylender Acts. Client satisfaction is our prime motto, and we strive to help our customers in their financial needs. 

Our plans are completely customizable as per the client’s requirements, which makes the repayment of loans easy for the customers. You can give us a call at 6336 0833 to set an appointment.


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