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Clementi is a residential town located in the West Region of Singapore. Its name Clementi was derived from a local drink which is “Ice Lemon Tea”. If you’re currently staying in Clementi, and you’re wondering if you can find the best money lender to help you with your current financial problem, then don’t worry because you can now submit your loan inquiry online and chat with our friendly loan officer. 

It is important to know the money lenders near your town so that you can go for walk-ins to know your options and compare their loan offers.

Who is A1 Credit?

A1 Credit is a licensed money lender that provides support to the financial needs of both individuals and businesses. Our company was established in 2009. We are accredited and licensed under the Ministry of Law, Registry of Moneylenders and we make sure that we are complying with the Moneylenders Act. 

How did A1 Credit become the best money lender in Singapore?

We believe that the reason why we become the best-licensed money lender in Clementi is that we are providing excellent services to our clients. We are trying to be transparent as much as possible so that we can get the trust of our valued customers. We are also open to the feedback we are receiving from our customers and make a change for the better so that we can meet the expectations of our customers and provide quality service. Our staff is also trained to always talk in a professional manner and assist our customers from the start-up to end of their loan transaction with us. 

Our company is very considerate and really understands the situation of each of our customers. We don’t ask for too many requirements and we’re not taking the approval process for too long. We are aiming to give you the loan instantly because we know that you really need funds.

What services do we offer?

A1 Credit is helping people in different levels of financial issues no matter is personal emergency or business funding they are facing and that’s why we have different types of loans to offer: personal loans, payday loans, bridging loans, business loans, and foreigner loans. You can apply with us for walk-ins, via our website, or call us at +65 6336 0833.

Apply for a fast personal loan with minimum credit score

Looking for the best-licensed money lender in Clementi can be difficult. It will be harder for you if you don’t meet the required minimum credit score of the banks near you. That is why we are here to help you, especially in emergency situations when you badly need cash. Here’s one of the feedback we got from our customer before. “I was served by a staff member named Tracy. Very friendly & helpful, giving me a flexible choice for repayment. I left as a very satisfied customer. Thanks for the service A1 Credit.”  -Zi Xiang

So, if you’re having a hard time getting the approval from other private lenders then you can visit our site A1 Credit or talk to us at +65 63360833 for a free consultation.


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