Licensed Money Lender Personal Loan Jurong East

There are many places to visit in Jurong East, with its many attractions like the Japanese Garden, Westgate shopping mall or even the many trendy cafes and restaurants around the area. The district is the perfect place for anyone who wants a good time, be it an afternoon stroll or a night out for fun.

This presents the perfect opportunity for you as an entrepreneur and business owner if you are interested in building a successful business in the area.

Start your own business in Jurong

Jurong is now developing industries for tourism, manufacturing, and telecommunications. It is a good place to start your business because there are lots of open free zones companies established here. Singapore can now develop at fast-pace, meaning it can now also innovate ideas for businesses here. The Jurong Town Corporation (JTC) is the one that builds so much infrastructure in Singapore like warehouses, business parks, and factories.

Singapore has one of the strongest economies in Asia, that’s why many investors and businesses are getting into this country.

How to get a business loan with A1 Credit?

A1 Credit is one of the best-licensed money lenders in Singapore and we are offering a wide range of services to our valued customers.

This includes our customers who operate their own businesses and are seeking to expand their business further.

To get a business loan, your business should be operating for at least 1 year. So if your business is operating for a year or more then you can go to our website to apply for a business loan.

Business loans that A1 Credit offer

We are offering business loans amounting from SGD $10,000 to $200,000. Your credit score will not be our basis for your loan approval, instead, A1 Credit will just need your proof of income that you can shoulder expenses and are capable of repaying the loan.

So whether you have debts or not, we can still give assurance that we can help you in other ways. A1 Credit can provide financial assistance even for business owners who have bad credit scores. We are not requiring too many documents for business loans applications and also for other loans that we offer.

So what are you waiting for? Call us now or go to our website now and apply for the loan you need!


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