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Jurong is a geographical region located in the West Region of Singapore. Its name Jurong originated from Sungei Jurong, which is a river connecting to the Jurong Lake. 

Jurong Central Park is popular for being the first-ever life-sized board game including the Snake and Ladders game and the Ludo garden. 

It is very exciting to play in this park because you can experience playing Snake and Ladders with calathea lutea and Rhapis excelsa around you. Jurong is a wonderful place to visit if you are fond of fun activities. 

How to get to the best moneylender if I’m residing in Jurong?

Getting the best offer from a money lender is quite impossible especially if you don’t meet some of their requirements. Banks are often very strict with approving loan applications so why not find a moneylender who will understand you more and could help you lighten the burden of your expenses and debts. 

If you are living in Jurong, then you can get to the best money lender in Singapore for just about 20 minutes via your own car. You can click this link for instructions on how to reach the A1 Credit, the best money lender in Singapore. 

What can we offer for personal loans?

Personal loans usually have general-purpose, so technically you can spend it for whatever reason you want. These are often secured loans and we can help you get this loan if you’re struggling with your finances. We are offering personal loans amounting to SGD $500 up to $50,000. 

You can use it for weddings, travel, medical bills, and other expenses you may be worried about. We are more flexible to provide you the loan amount you need compared to banks. We can offer you loans for up to 6 times your monthly salary, should you meet the proper requirements.

Also, taking out a loan with money lenders can be better as some lenders also provide more flexible terms and conditions, allowing you to repay your loan quicker. 

How A1 Credit can help you get the personal loan you need?

A1 Credit is a licensed money lender that can help you get the loan you need within an hour. We are not taking long processes that will cause delays on your end. We are here to provide solutions to your financial problems and make a good repayment schedule and terms that will best suit your budget for the month so that your loan repayments will not also bring worry on your part. 

Here’s what our customer before said about us,  ‘‘An easy money lender to deal with. Friendly staff, Amber accommodate to all our inquiries and needs!’’ – Ms hidayah

For more inquiries and information about us, you can call us at +65 63360833, or visit our website by clicking this –> A1 Credit


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