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Rochor is an area located in the central region of the central area of Singapore. It consists of 2 famous shopping complexes named ‘The Verge’ and ‘Tekka Centre’. 

Taking a loan in Rochor is as easy as making an appointment and submitting only the necessary documents. In this article, you will find out about the different loans available in Singapore and why you should choose A1 Credit for your next loan in Rochor.

Types of Loans

Here are some of the most common types of loans available in Singapore. You can choose the best loan based on your requirements and needs:

1. Personal Loan

When you want to apply for a loan for any reason like education, home renovation, purchasing a car, wedding, for medical emergencies or any other reason, you can apply for this loan. You can take a loan of up to 6 times of your monthly income. Money lenders do not consider credit score for a personal type.

2. Business Loan

For starting a new business or expanding an existing business, you might need additional money. To help you with the same business loan is best suited. The only limitation of this loan is that you can not use it for any personal purpose.

3. Payday Loan

At times, you need cash immediately, and your next paycheck is yet to come, a payday loan is an option that can help you. It comes with easy approval and requires a few documents only. The whole process of applying for a loan until getting cash in your hand can take only a few minutes to hours. 

4. Bridging Loan

As the name suggests, it works as a bridge between the duration when you sell your old house and purchase the new home. They are generally for short term repayments. The amount borrowed can be up to 6 times of your monthly salary. 

5. Foreigner Loan

If you are not a resident of Singapore and want money to settle in this country. Or even if you want to send money back home in case of an emergency, foreigners loan can help you. It can be a secured or unsecured loan, and the loan amount will depend accordingly.

Why Us? 

To apply for any of the loans mentioned above in Rochor, you can contact A1 Credit. They are a licensed money lender in Singapore established in 2009 and they treat their customers with priority. A tailored plan to suit your requirement is made, and all the terms and conditions are thoroughly discussed with you before you sign the contract. Their team is known for excellent customer service and professionalism. 

To apply for a loan with them in Rochor, all you need to do is fill a form online or give them a call at 6336 0833. You can also visit their office for discussing your requirements, they are also open on Sundays.


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