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Shenton Way is known for having commercial skyscrapers on both sides of the road. It is commonly known as the Wall Street of Singapore and contains the most expensive real estate of the country. If you are looking forward to taking a financial boost in Shenton Way, A1 Credit is the licensed money lender who is there to help you. 

Advantages of Taking a Personal Loan With a Money Lender

In Singapore, you can apply for a personal loan with either a money lender or from a bank. While both the options are trustworthy, moving forward with a licensed money lender could be beneficial for you in a variety of ways.

  1. The minimum salary requirement for applying for a loan with a bank is higher as compared to that with a money lender. It means that you have low-income, there are high chances that you don’t fulfil the eligibility criteria to take a loan from the bank.
  2. With a bank, the documentation process is more strict, and they even consider credit scores, while with a moneylender, the case is not the same. The required documents for a loan application with a moneylender is less, and in a few types of loans, they do not even consider credit score for approval. It means, if you are applying for a loan for the first time or have been a defaulter in the past, it is better to apply with a money lender.
  3. The loan process with a licensed money lender is faster, and the approval may be provided within a few minutes to a few hours, while with a bank, it is usually longer. Since banks are strict with paperwork and they would cross-verify all details, they may take a day or two to process your application.

Steps of Applying for a Personal Loan

  1. Check for the eligibility list and collect all the necessary documents.
  2. Take an appointment with a lender to take the discussion forward.
  3. Discuss your requirements with a representative. The payment terms are customizable as per your requirement.
  4. Finally, read the documents and sign it after going through the payment terms and fees involved.
  5. Get the cash.

How Can We Help You? 

A1 Credit is a team of friendly professionals who listens to your requirements and makes customized loan plans for you. All of their clients have given them a 5-star review. One of them wrote:

“This was my first time filling out an application form for a business loan with licensed moneylender. I am confused and didn’t know which company to choose. Then I found A1 Credit. I decided to take a loan from A1 Credit. The loan officer was very friendly and provided me with a business loan. I recommend A1 Credit to everyone.“

A1 Credit is your one-stop solution for all the loan requirements in Shelton way. Reach them at 6336 0833 to book an appointment with them.


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