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Tampines, the Singaporean suburb, one of the calmest neighborhoods that surrounded by Bedok, Paya Lebar, and Changi areas – Tampines provide a very comfortable living for Singaporeans and foreigners alike. It has major shopping malls, great eateries, astonishing greenery – and ultimately, a hidden gem away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

However, living in Singapore can sometimes be an expensive affair. It’s times like these when you need to take out a personal loan in order to get through difficult times. 

The best money lender near Tampines

When looking for a loan, it is crucial that you are well informed about your financing options. Private licensed money lenders are the way to go if you have not had any luck applying for loans with a bank. Even if this is your first time to make an application, we still very much recommend licensed money lenders. A lot of factors may contribute to that, such as; simplicity, convenience and quickness.

In order to recognize a licensed money lender, you must check for the following: 

  1. They must be licensed with the Ministry of Law and possess a license number
  2. The list is updated in monthly and will contain all licensed moneylenders located in Singapore
  3. Anyone who does not appear in the list is therefore not a licensed lender

A1 Credit, as the number 1 most trusted licensed moneylender in Singapore is the first and foremost choice. We are the best company to help you with your financing.

Established back in 2009, accredited its license under the Ministry of Law, our services are top-notch and are fully compliant with the Moneylenders Act. After 11 years in the industry – we know what our customers need the most.

What Makes A1 Credit the Best Money Lender?

The best believe it is the favorable terms and conditions the company has been showing its clients. They do not only help you with personal financing, but A1 Credit also wants to see you prosper. Their services and products available are fitting with almost every need of the clients.

How to apply for a loan with A1 Credit?

Below are the types of loans they offer:

They have made the application process very easy. You only have to do these steps below:

  1.   Get your application through their website or a phone call at +65 63360833
    • Log onto their website
    • Fill in your details
    • Click ‘Submit’
  1.   Get your first approval (usually through phone calls)
  2.   Go for an in-person consultation
  3.   Final verification and signing the agreement
  4.   Receive your cash

For financing aid, there is no other than A1 Credit – #1 licensed money lender. We offer you a top-notch service, for example. the best payday loan. Customers would only have to wait 30 minutes to get your loans approved. .


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