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Toa Payoh may not be the hippest neighborhood, but it has so many hidden gems that are worthy of your time to invest in. In Hokkien, the literal translation of the word “Toa Payoh”, is “big swamp” – which is exactly what it was in the old days, before all the lofty residential buildings and shopping malls scattered its vista.

The main cultural attraction in Toa Payoh is the Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery. It is Singapore’s oldest Buddhist monastery. The legendary architecture that surrounds you will teleport you back in the top-tier times of imperial China.

Where should I start to make my loan application?

First and foremost, it is important to be well informed on the plethora of options of lenders you have around you, and which is the best one.

In Singapore, you can apply for a loan for your personal use, for your business, to purchase a property or even financial advances if you are a foreigner. Lenders range from banks, credit unions as well as licensed money lenders.

The best of choice you could make as a first timer would be with A1 Credit – the most reputable licensed money lender in Singapore. Most crucially, you have a very easy access to their office building from Toa Payoh.

Services offered by A1 Credit

With their prime aim to help their clients going through tough financial times, they open up applications for the loans below:

From financing your personal needs to your businesses as well as your property purchase – A1  Credit got your back!

Guidelines on how to make your loan application with A1 Credit

Loan applications have been made easy by A1 Credit. One may send his or her application online and walk-in for signing the agreement. Below presents the step-by-step guide:

  1. Apply online or call +65 6336 0833 to set an appointment based on your availability.
  2. You can have a direct consultation with the personnel for the most suitable budget and your current financial position.
  3. At our office, you will have a final verification before signing and agreeing to the terms and conditions in the loan agreement.
  4. Get your cash there and then!

How do you know if you are eligible for a loan? If you worried about past credit score – fret not, that will not be a serious concern. A1 Credit does not discriminate. Generally, if you are 18 and above, you have proof of your monthly income and self-identification documents, you are good to go. Other specific documentation will depend on the loan you are applying for.

Without wasting any more time, you can start to apply for a loan now and we wish you the best of luck!


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