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Located in the northern part of Singapore, Woodlands has got to be one of the most established and developed places in Singapore over the last few decades. With its immense growth, locals and tourists may find the best venues for good food, shopping, nature-related relaxing spots, and others.

As a well-developed city, occupants of Woodlands have fantastic opportunities with higher paying income sources in the corporate and trade industries. People live well with stable financial conditions. However, sometimes, even those living the good life can encounter financial difficulties.

Why licensed moneylenders are a great alternative to other financial institutions

For some people, licensed moneylenders are a great way to access immediate funds that could take longer than alternatives like banks and financial institutions. They are available for immediate short term financing and would allow the borrower to take care of their financing immediately without worry as banks would take longer periods to approve the loan. 

Further, the amount that a licensed lender can offer is generally smaller than what a bank would give, making it easier for the borrower to structure their repayment, instead of the larger sum that the banks would offer. 

Some other advantages of a licensed moneylender include: 

  • Moneylenders do not take your personal credit into account when giving out your loans. While banks would reject a lender if their credit scores are terrible, a licensed lender would not do so. 
  • Some lenders would also help accommodate their would-be borrowers to find alternative solutions should there be a need. Due to the fact that they are less restrictive with their terms, they would be able to come up with novel solutions that other institutions would not be able to do so. 
  • Moneylenders also have cheaper rates than some other alternatives like credit cards. As their rates are fixed by the Ministry of Law, this would mean that all borrowers would know how much they would need to repay without worrying about any other hidden fees and charges that could be imposed on them. 

To whom should I make my loan application?

It should be none other than A1 Credit. They aim to help their clients to successfully make it through their financial struggles. Not to mention, they are able to serve you with excellence consulting what would be the best financial budget for you.

They are offering personal loans from $500 up to $50,000. The loans offered may be 6x of your monthly income. If you are 18 and above, have a minimum monthly income of $1500 and are not an undischarged bankrupt, you may apply here. It only requires a few steps.

  1.   Get your application through their website or call them at +65 63360833
  2.   In-person consultation
  3.   Signing the agreement
  4.   Receive your cash


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