Top 5 Chill Things To Do Near Outram Park

things to do at outram park

Outram Park is an interesting place with a fascinating story. It got its name from a British General, 1st Baronet, Sir James Outram. This gentleman fought in an Indian rebellion in the 1850s.

It provides convenient access to Singapore’s main financial and business hubs. It also presents top transport links thanks to its location. So what are some of the enjoyable things to do at Outram Park? We discuss them in detail below:

1. Have a Cake at Keong Saik Bakery

Keong Saik Bakery is home to some of the tastiest delights in the city. Each cake is handcrafted. The bakers use natural ingredients and put just enough sugar in the cakes to instantly whisk you away to glorious cake heaven.

Some of the best offerings that give a sweet kick are the Attap Chee Rose Cheesecake, Chendol Delight, Bandung Cheese Tart, and Orh Nee

Address: 33 Keong Saik Rd., Singapore 089140

Business Hours: Mondays (8.00 am- 6.30 pm), Tuesdays to Sundays (8.00 am- 8.30 pm)

2. Slip Into Virtual Reality in the Virtual Room

Looking to take a break from the real world? Then being in the Virtual Room is one of the things to do at Outram Park you’ll love. This VR experience is unlike any other, as you won’t feel motion sickness.

What’s more, it uses the best software for your gaming pleasure. Join other gamers in traveling back in time and saving the world!

Address: 211 New Bridge Rd, Level B3 Lucky Chinatown, Singapore 059432

Business Hours: 10.00 am to 10.00 pm daily

3. Sample Singapore’s Beauty at Bukit Chermin Boardwalk

Bukit Chermin Boardwalk offers an efficient and healthy way to view some of the best scenery in Singapore. Explore the rocky coastline along Keppel Harbor on this 300m long boardwalk in a serene environment. 

Take out your phone or cam and take some pictures as you stroll, with the relaxing sounds of the sea backing you up.

Address: Straits View, Singapore

Business Hours: Open 24/7

4. Learn More About Singapore at Lion Heartlanders

Curious about Singaporean culture, history, cuisines, and the like? Lion Heartlanders offers guided tours around Singapore. 

It also has professional and friendly guides who answer questions promptly and share their knowledge freely. There are also fun games to help you learn, like Bingo and spot the difference.

Address: 71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #04-01, Singapore 139951

Business Hours: 9.00 am- 7.00 pm daily

5. Dine at People’s Park Complex

People’s Park Complex is recognized for its amazing beauty and stature and the nutritious, delicious, and cost-friendly delicacies in the food stalls around it too.

The food vendors are friendly and sell (non-spicy) Asian classics like fermented bean curd stew, Chongqing Grilled Fish, xiao long bao, and beef and mutton noodles in generous portions. There’s also a McDonald’s nearby if you crave a burger and fries.

Address: 1 Park Road, Singapore 059108

Business Hours: 11.00 am- 10.00 pm daily

Outram Park is an ever-busy gem with so many exciting activities. Be sure to try the above affordable ones for a memorable visit!

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