5 Best Things to Do in Rochor


Rochor is a district in Singapore which is well-known for its unique culture and history. It is primarily a residential area with its own popular landmarks. While some may be familiar with the places in Rochor, there are still several things which are not known about this district.

If you’re planning to travel to Rochor, here are 5 best things to do that you can’t miss! From the local culture, shopping and even to the bars, this place can surely cater to everyone’s needs.

haji lane

1. Explore Haji Lane

Haji Lane is a popular place to shop in Rochor. It is a favorite destination of many fashionistas and is a great place to find cheap clothes. There are also several cafes along Haji Lane where you can sit and enjoy yourself after a long day of strolling.

It’s Instagram-worthy too! So make sure you get your camera ready when you’re in Haji Lane. It’s a great place to take a lot of photos!

Address: Haji Lane, Singapore

arab street

2. Walk Down Arab Street

Arab Street is a colorful and cultural street of Singapore. It is a melting pot of various cultures and you can find all sorts of food here. It is also the place to be if you want to buy souvenirs for your friends and family!

It is called Arab street since it was owned by Syed Ali bin Mohamed Al Junied, an Arab merchant. It’s also the location of an Arab kampong. 

Address:  Arab Street, Singapore

Sultan Mosque

3. Visit Sultan Mosque 

The Sultan Mosque is one of the most historically significant Mosques in Singapore. It was built in 1824 for the first sultan of Singapore, Sultan Hussein Shah, then rebuilt in 1932. 

It has huge golden onion-shaped domes and a massive prayer hall. Glass bottle ends decorate its base. The eye-catching architectural style of this place makes it a must see in. Don’t miss out on this historical landmark!

Address: 3 Muscat St, Singapore 198833

little india

4. Enjoy Indian Food at Little India

Little India is a vibrant and busy neighborhood in the heart of Singapore. There are many activities that locals usually do here, such as shopping at Tekka Market and dining at the food stalls nearby. The Little India district is well-known for its Indian cuisine. You’ll find many restaurants here that serve a variety of Indian food.

Address: Little India, Singapore

Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple

5. Visit the Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple

Built in 1855, the Sri Vadapathira Kaliamman Temple is one of the oldest temples in Singapore. The temple, with its iconic eye-catching architectural style and impressive height is what attracts many to this place. A must see for all who want beauty in their life!

Address: 555 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 218174

Hours: 7:30–11:30AM, 6:30–8:30PM 

Rochor is one of the most unique places in Singapore. Whether you’re an art lover, history-buff or looking for delicious food, Rochor has something to offer for everyone. If you’re going to visit Rochor, make sure to check our top 5 picks.

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