Go On A Date: 5 Things to Do in Sembawang On A Weekend

things to do in sembawang couples with a dog running

The only town in Singapore that was named after a tree, Sembawang is a great place to live if you want to take a step closer to nature. Another thing that makes Sembawang famous for those who are planning to buy a house or a unit is its below-average crime rate. 

Also, if you love going to the beach, Sembawang’s residents enjoy the view of the sea as they watch different ships coming in and out. 

1. Go On a Quick Date With Your Fur Baby at Sembawang Dog Run

A great meeting place with fur parents like you, and of course, a safe space for your fur babies to socialize with their dog friends. Sembawang Dog Run has a huge full grass space so your fur babies can play freely while you have a full view–thanks to its rectangular area. Park goers love that gentle slope for their babies. 

Make sure to bring drinking water for your fur babies! 

Address: Sembawang Road (End), Singapore

Hours: 24 hours daily

2. Enjoy a Foot Bath at Sembawang Hot Spring Park

Famous for its foot bath and egg cooking station, Sembawang Hot Spring Park is best when you want to bring your grandma or grandpa on a date. The hot spring park features new cascading pools and a water collection point, made accessible for visitors that need to use wheelchairs. There are plenty of educational panels where you may learn the history of hot springs in Singapore. 

Address: Along Gambas Ave, Singapore 756952

Hours: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm daily

3. Birds Viewing at Simpang Kiri Park Connector

Kingfishers, Egrets, Water Hens, to seasonal Migratory Birds–are just a few birds you may encounter when you visit Simpang Kiri Park Connector. You may bring your binoculars to enjoy the scenic view. But if you still have extra energy, you may jog or ride your bike and maximise the fresh breeze.

Address: Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758495

Hours: 24 hours daily

4. Bring Your Kids for a Play Date at Canberra Park

From swings, great playground climber, basketball court, and areas for skating or rollerblades, adventurers will surely love to play at Canberra Park. Aside from they can practise their social skills when they interact with other kids, it’s also a chance for them to use their developing muscles to play. 

Address: Sembawang Cres, Singapore 750325

Hours: 24 hours daily

5. Take Home Some Cream Puffs from J&C Bakery

Cream Puffs are perfect for those days when you randomly want to eat something sweet. If you’re around J&C Bakery, make sure to take home some of their bread, cakes, or pastries. Get two dozen of Cream Puffs for $19. 

Address: 15 Woodlands Loop, #03-03 Singapore 738322

Hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm daily

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