Top 5 Authentic Korean Food Near Tanjong Pagar

Authentic Korean Food

It’s true the Korean wave has rampantly invaded the rest of the world including Singapore. From KPOP idols to Korean actors and actresses of K-Dramas, which led most of us to our intense K-dish cravings, embracing the culture has undoubtedly been inevitable!

So, if you’re still wondering where to experience authentic and great Korean food, this is for you! We have compiled a list of food stops you can consider without having to leave Singapore at all! This also is a friendly guide on what to eat at Tanjong Pagar!

  1. Superstar K

Start your Korean cuisine exploration by indulging yourself with charcoal-grilled barbecue! This store offers a wide variety of meat such as Pork Belly and Seasoned Beef Ribs ranging from $19 to $38!

Address: 75 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088496

Open: Monday-Sunday 11:30 AM-2 AM

  1. Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ

This stall is well-known as the first Galmaegisal (or pork skirt-meat) BBQ restaurant in Singapore. Its US pork skirt-meat marinated with authentic and rich Korean spices and Cheese Tteokbokki are some of their must-haves!

Address: 68 Orchard Road, #02-01, Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839

Open: Monday-Sunday 11:30 AM-10 PM

Pork on charcoal grill

  1. Supulae Korean BBQ

People flock to this restaurant that’s home to one of the best Korean barbecues in town! While you are here, it is also best to try their bountiful serving of Seafood Pancake!

Address: 80 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088501

Open: Monday-Sunday 5 PM-1 AM

  1. O.BBa BBQ

To add another barbecue stall to your list, come by this restaurant! It is very popular for its Black Pork Belly and Pork Skin, as well as the Jumeogbab or the Flying Fish Roe with Rice!

Address: 63 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088484

Open: Wednesday-Monday 11:30 AM-4PM, 5 PM-11:30 PM

  1. Guiga Korean BBQ Restaurant

To experience the mukbang craze, this restaurant is exactly for you! It offers Soy Sauce Marinated Raw Crabs for only $30 and their Barbecue Set of Grilled Beef for at least $89!

Address: 134 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088538

Open: Monday-Sunday 11 AM-3 PM, 5 PM-12 AM


So, have you figured out where to stop by and dine while staying in or roaming around Tanjong Pagar? Make sure to include these authentic Korean stalls for your next food stop!

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