10 Must Eat Places in Woodlands

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It’s just about time people understand that Singapore’s Woodlands is more than just ‘the border town.’ This area, which has transformed into a progressive suburb, has a particular asset that some areas just do not have.

As it is located in a place overlooking the sea, it is certain that people can enjoy beautiful vistas around it. What’s more exciting about experiencing Woodlands, is the taste of its food! To help you create a list of stops you must consider, here are ten must-eat places in Woodlands you should never forget.

  1. Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant

Given that Woodlands is located around stunning bodies of water, you must not miss out on the typical seafood fix! Enjoy mouth-watering plates of barbecued seafood, local and Western cuisines at reasonable prices. Head on to Woodlands Waterfront Park to treat yourself!

  1. Black & White Rojak

Up for an unfamiliar salad mix? Order a plate of rojak filled with crunchy fruits and vegetables with fried tofu in a sticky dressing topped with its signature roasted nuts! Meals only start at $3, and with a generous serving, it’s definitely worth the try!

  1. DuitSg

If you’re onto just laidback dining, this could be ideal for you. DuitSg is known as a family-friendly buffet-style seafood eatery. Most visitors choose to celebrate birthdays here too because of their famous creme brulee!

Nan Xiang 南翔

  1. Nan Xiang 南翔

For a different experience, come to the Singaporean branch of the famous Nanxiang Steamed Bun from Shanghai’s Chenhuang Temple. Savor the traditional minced meat Xiao Long Bao for only $6 which is exactly as good as the ones served in China.

  1. The Crowded Bowl

For more of your salad finds, here’s something that would interest you. The Crowded Bowl Signature, which has three toppings, from fusilli to pickled vegetables and seaweed tofu, can be purchased for $3 only. You can add a dollar for creamy scrambled eggs though!

  1. Citrus By The Pool

As the name suggests, Citrus By The Pool is located at the Swimming Complex. This cafe is very familiar to most residents for its lunch specials. They serve Tom Yum Seafood Pasta which can be dined with your choice of Cold Pasta Salad or Soup of the Day.

  1. Dora Keiki

Go to Japan without leaving Singapore! Dora Keiki can make that happen with their unique and huge cakes and waffles! One of their must-haves is the Peanut Butter Waffle which is sold for only $1.60.

Penang St. Buffet

  1. Penang St. Buffet

If you’re still craving more seafood, leave no hesitations and head onto this place. Aside from the crustaceans, its creamy salted egg and spicy kimchi are definitely the crowd’s favorite.

  1. Al-Ameen Eating House

Do you have that favorite stop to swing by for dinner or after having a night out with friends to sober up? This could be it. They serve thosai and everyone’s favorite nasi goreng or prata. It is also known for its super-sized Milo dinosaur.

  1. SK Seafood Soup

Probably just to check off all the seafood diners on the list, visit SK’s! Its Crayfish Seafood Soup is the talk of the town. One will never really get over its loaded bowl of pork, slices of fish, prawns with tomatoes, and the crayfish swimming in the hot broth made with love.


Have you picked your target menu and restaurant yet? Make sure to include these restos in your checklist!

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