10 Best Food Spots in Yishun

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Yishun may be the infamous neighborhood to the public, but little did most people know, it offers hidden gems that could be a game-changer- even for you!

Despite the image it is known for, there are lots of go-to spots that would be an ideal destination for your relaxation. This includes the wide variety selection of Yishun food stops! Here, we have listed down a few of what could be instant favorites!

928 Yishun Laksa

  1. 928 Yishun Laksa

This small stop is known for its very affordable bowl of laksa- which usually starts at $2.80. Its version of the soup is lighter in flavor with a shrimp-heavy chili paste giving the gravy a satisfying kick.

Located near Yishun’s bus interchange, this shop has been open for over two decades catering to locals and north-dwellers. While it’s hailed as one of the top must-try laksas in the country, expect a long queue at any given time. Rest assured, waiting in line would be worth it!

Coba Coba

  1. Coba Coba

This restaurant’s name translates and refers to the Indonesian phrase ‘try try’ that is used by elders to convince the young into trying unfamiliar food. This cozy cafe is famous for its nasi ambeng, a dish served with rice and a selection of sides, which sees customers return from all over the island. You can enjoy a set that comes with beef from $27.90 and/or with prawns in green chili from at least $38.90!

Wild Wood Cafe

  1. Wild Wood Cafe

Have you been craving for waffles? Visit Wisteria Mall for this space is what it is exactly known for! Indulge yourself with all-day breakfast meals with servings of poached eggs, baked beans, salads, sliced fruits and salmon or pork bacon! Its platter starts from S$18.80, which is considered very affordable for such a heavy meal.

One Mouth Noodle

  1. One Mouth Noodle

Make sure to mark this noodle stall at the Hawker Centre on your checklist! This food spot is popular as everything is made here by hand, including its best egg and wonton noodle! Your order might come topped with generous slices of char siew for only $4.50 or braised beef brisket at $5.50.

Thailand Street Food

  1. Thailand Street Food

To experience authentic Thai cuisines while roaming around Yishun, head to Junction 9 Shopping Mall and try the cheapest Tom Yam Fried Rice from at least S$6 to S$9 and the Pandan Chicken for only S$7!

Old World Bak Kut Teh

  1. Old World Bak Kut Teh

Just a few-minute stroll from the MRT station, you will find this Hiap Hoe Eating House stall. It offers the fried porridge and traditional Teochew-style pork rib soup. You wouldn’t spend a lot from ordering a taste of home as its delicious dishes start from at least S$5!

618 Sim Carrot Cake

  1. 618 Sim Carrot Cake

Another affordable go-to spot you shouldn’t miss! At Fujo Eating House, this place offers a bountiful plate of White Carrot Cake for only S$3! Visitors also try its famous chye poh with fried chives and prawns to complete the experience.

Pizza Maru

  1. Pizza Maru

If you’re craving for some Korean-style fluffy pizza, this is the sign! Most visitors go back to this chain for its trademark pizza dough made with cereals and a hint of green tea! Enjoy sharing a few slices from a regular-sized pizza which can be bought for S$26.90!

Lit Lit Sin Dessert

  1. Lit Lit Sin Dessert

After stuffing your stomach with heavy meals, do not ever forget to treat yourself with sweets! Although you have to bear with a few lines, it’s guaranteed to be beyond satisfying. Plus, this stall does not only offer typical desserts but a variety of goods which may only be worth a dollar at least!

Hao Bang General Wholesale Trading

  1. Hao Bang General Wholesale Trading

Just in case you have decided to purchase takeaways, might as well, try Banana Cakes from this bakery! Across Block 928, this shop sells bread, muffins, and butter cakes that may remind you a lot of your childhood. Definitely, they are must-haves.


So, which of these restaurants are you planning to visit and what are the specific dishes that you would love to try? Make sure to include these spots in your next food stop!

And worry not if you find yourself a bit short of savings to have a taste of this place, as there are affordable loans from a moneylender near Yushin.

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